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February 11, 2020

TRN Podcast 033 - Mount Crushmore

Valentine's Day is almost here so this week's episode is dedicated to all the girls we've loved before. In this week's Time Machine segment, Jason and Mickey reveal their picks for a Mount Crushmore. But first, our weekly check-in includes Mickey telling about the flooding in his area and recovering from the Super Bowl. Then, it's the latest Recurrent Events headlines including:

  • 'Friends' reuniting for HBO Max
  • KFC Popcorn Chicken Pizza
  • An edible Stay Puft Marshmallow Man
  • The 6 movies that drop the most F-bombs
  • Goonies Monopoly
  • Play Tetris on Roku

Our TRN Time Machine segment this week sponsored by the RetroDaze YouTube Channel features our Mount Crushmore! Instead of four picks, we are chiseling five lovely ladies into the side of our mountains that we had a boyhood crush on. Thanks to your feedback, we are also picking a third Mount Crushmore for our listeners! After the Time Machine, we've got a  couple shout-outs to pass along and your feedback from The Retro Network, Finally we'll give you what's coming up this week on The Retro Network and give you the chance to PICK OUR NEXT TOPIC!

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