In episode 5 Michael and Adam get cosmic with special guest, Garen to discuss the life and times of Galactus and the Silver Surfer, Star Wars comic books and real life Todd McFarlane sightings. Plus, we ask the question: are Star Trek films comic book movies? It's 90's comic book geekery at it's finest in this episode of WIZARDS!  




In this "Giant-Size" episode of WIZARDS! Adam and Michael go batty for Batman, Robin and the whole Gotham gang. Your hosts also discuss whether the 1990 Captain American film deserves it's bad reputation, review X-O Manowar #1 and so much more. We couldn't stop gabbin' about super heroes, so enjoy our nerdy 90's comic book geekery now!



For Episode 3 of WIZARDS The Podcast Guide To Comics, Michael and Adam are joined by Wolverine superfan, Jeff, to get down n' nerdy about everyone's favorite razor-clawed mutant. Plus hear the tale of how our guest indulged in "criminal activity" to own the 1st appearance of Wolverine in addition to our usual brand of 90's comics banter. Get listenin', Bub!



In this episode Michael and Adam explore the pages of Wizard #2, discussing the history of Ghost Rider, Todd McFarlane and Chris Claremont leaving top selling books, plus a rockin' review of a 2 part Spider-Man/X-Force crossover.



In the debut episode of WIZARDS, Adam & Michael dig into the first issue of Wizard magazine from September 1991 to discuss James Cameron’s failed Spider-Man film, Marvel Universe trading cards, Detective Comics Annual #4, variant covers of Todd McFarlane’s Spider-Man #1 and more. 


In this preview episode of WIZARDS The Podcast Guide To Comics, you'll hear the origin story of how your nerdy hosts, Adam and Michael, discovered the joys of superheroes, comic books, & Wizard magazine in the 1990's! The show launches January 2020, so subscribe to The Retro Network podcast feed now.

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